I am George Knauf.

Founder – Franchise Adviser, Franchising Expert, Franchise Consultant

If you saw a franchise opportunity that you were sure was a perfect match for you would have the confidence in your abilities to hire yourself?

You may well already have very similar skills seen in successful franchise owners from National Franchise Brands

Controlling your income is like owning your home as opposed to renting it. How long have you owned your home but rented your income stream?

If you would be a valuable employee for someone else you may have far more value to your own portfolio by hiring yourself while using a proven system and a National Brand to pursue building wealth

For investors and professionals not ready to walk away from a paycheck, semi-absentee franchises let you grow your portfolio, build a career safety net or transition out of a job over time

Franchising is a simple concept: With management and/or sales skills you take advantage of a proven business model to speed time to market, shorten learning curve, get group buying power and a National brand. With these benefits franchising consolidates inefficient and fragmented markets while putting owners in control of their destiny. You would be in business For Yourself not By Yourself

Once a business owner you will be pursuing an ongoing income with no earnings caps or comp plan restructuring and building your own asset you can sell down the road as opposed to building the asset owned by your employer

We match candidates to low cost, high margin and fast ramp up franchise opportunities that exist in every market.

Ask about our FREE Franchise Consulting Service, we are happy to help you find your perfect franchise!

For 15 years we have connected professionals, business owners and investment funds with proven franchise opportunities or career transition strategies.

What will your success story be? Let’s go find it!

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